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Conference Registration Fees

Online participation FEE (via zoom)
Regular fee: 50 USD    Payment link
- please make your payment only after receiving acceptance, don't pay before acceptance
- Fee is not affected bu number of authors. For one paper, one payment is enough 
Face to face participation  FEE (in New York)
Regular fee: 300 USD    
please make your payment after receiving acceptance, don't pay before acceptance. You can also pay at registration desk in New York
Azerbaycanlı katılımcılar için katılım ücreti: 100 Manat 
Türkiyeli katılımcılar için bir bildiri ile online katılım 50 USD karşılığı  TL, iki bildiri ile online katılım 75 USD karşılığı  TL
Türkiyeli katılımcılar için yüz yüze katılım 300 USD (2 bildiri sunabilirsiniz). 

Please adhere to the deadlines as it is vital for better arrangement. Both Presenters and Non-Presenters are required to register and pay their registration fee until April 18, 2023. We accept on a first come first serve basis as limited seats available. Please mark your calendar with the dates of importance and plan.
Registration categories

If you are presenting a paper orally or as a poster you should register as a delegate/student. If you are a listener you should register as a Non-Presenter. However if you cannot participate but still would want to present at the ICETIRP you can select the virtual presenter option.

Please go through the following table before you register. We have structured a comprehensive price table for providing you with the best returns from the conference.

If you are unsure about the category you belong to please contact our organizing committee for more details.

Group, Co-authors and Discount

You are eligible for discounted rate on the registration fee if you are a group of 5 persons and/or more or a co-author of a paper presentation. If your group comprises of more than 10 people please contact our organizing committee for higher percentage on the discount rate.

Onsite payments

If you have funding issues and other unavoidable circumstances you can pay onsite and register to the conference.

However please be noted you need to pay the highest registration fee when you paying on site. Furthermore you need to confirm your participation with your scanned copy of the Air ticket and passport together with accommodation confirmation receipt to reserve a slot at the Conference.

Policy for Onsite payments

If any participant confirmed his/her participation to the organizing committee by sending the proof (copy of the air ticket) and is not available to present at the conference will not be accepted. In that scenario the organizers will take the following actions towards protecting the goodwill of the company and to adhere to the immigration policies.

  1. Inform to The Embassy/ High Commission 

  2. Inform to their University/Institute

  3. Add to No-benefits list

To avoid these please inform your No-show before the conference close. Also, you may need to pay half of the registration fee within 15 days post conference. 

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