ARIE is a gateway between the academic and business worlds. Business leaders and the researchers at TSE can meet there to discuss and analyse issues affecting various industries and develop useful insights. 


The ARIE partners are mostly businesses, research centers around the globe who examine, along with teams of researchers, the research issues that concern their field of activity. Sometimes, businesses get together to form groups that take part in research programmes in which they have a common interest. Public bodies are also partners, for example ministries, development agencies and central banks.
They play a major role in its development: they raise issues, encourage multi-year research programmes, distribute work to industry and provide financial support.


Fordham University

The New School

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business-Hongkong

Kuwait Institue for Scientific Research

Institut Europlace de Finance

Small Business Development Center at Baruch College

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University)

Pace University 


Applied Mathematics and Humanities Department
S. V. National Institute of Technology (NIT Surat)- India

NY Institute For Demographic Research

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research 

Afghanistan Kabul State University

CUNY Startups

Caucasus University

The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute etc.

The University of Queensland

The Center on Equality, Pluralism & Policy


By addressing the theoretical and practical economic issues faced by private and publicly owned companies, our association allows decision makers to benefit from the most leading edge tools in the field of economic and industrial research.



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